ARTICLE // What Makes Art a Great Gift?

Let’s talk gift-giving. With gift-giving holidays right around the corner, plus all the birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions that have been written into the calendar throughout the year, finding a great gift can be an intimidating endeavour. With so many possibilities out there, here are five reasons why you should consider giving the gift of art.

1. It’s personal

While the old adage ‘who doesn’t like socks’ is perfectly fine in some cases, if you’re looking for a gift that is a little more meaningful, art is an excellent way to go. From favourite colours, to distinct style, to subject matter, picking out a piece of art for someone requires that you know them more intimately than the average acquaintance. While some people prefer artwork with recognizable elements like figurative portraits or realistic landscapes, other's enjoy non-representational, abstract works where emotion and expression are the primary themes. Knowing the type of art someone enjoys displays a deeper personal connection and shows that you know someone on a more intimate level.


2. It’s reflective

Because each piece of art is unique, picking a piece that you believe someone will appreciate not only demonstrates how well you know someone, but also acts as a reflection of how you see them. Choosing a piece that makes you think of someone or finding one that reminds you of them shows a deeper relationship than simply knowing someone's personal taste. Although unique perceptions can make it risky to pick the perfect piece for another individual, by giving personally selected art to someone, you're sharing your vision of them with them, and that in itself is meaningful.


3. It shows someone cares

There’s a reason people have been putting artwork up on walls for millennia. Whether the subject depicts events, people or simply a work of an artist’s talent and imagination, art is evocative of memory. Giving the gift of art acts a reminder that you appreciate them enough to take a risk to show them you care. It’s a reminder that there are people in the world that see them beyond their physical form, and know them in more intimate and in-depth ways.


4. It opens up new perspectives

Art acts as an invitation to ask questions – whether it’s learning about the inspiration behind a piece, an artists’ background, or finding more works like it. Art piques interests and opens up new doorways and points of views. Similarly to starting a new book, a piece of art can reveal a whole new world for those who own it. A gift of artwork is more than just giving a painting or drawing. You’re giving the gift of curiosity and an opportunity to expand and explore the mind and the heart.


5. It’s uniquely valuable

When buying art, especially from an emerging or early career artist, you're not only getting a piece of art, you’re also investing in a budding art career. Although there’s no way of knowing how far that career will go, there’s always that chance an artist’s work will greatly grow in value. And even if it’s financial worth does not increase, when you buy original art, you are purchasing something that is one of a kind. That alone is something so unique and special it’s hard to put a value on it.